VMware Certification Tracks

Vmware has been announced the VMware Certification Tracks to their clients via their official VMware twitter account. Those who interested in taking the certification can follow these steps to take the certification.

Firstly you need to take a recommended training course for VMware before taking the exam of VCA. After the VCA exam, you have to choose your certification path which you want to continue.

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How to test SMTP operations using Telnet

1. Telnet into Exchange server hosting IMS service using TCP port 25.Command is telnet 25

2. Turn on local echo on your telnet client so that you can see what you are typing.

On Win 9x and NT 3.5/4.0 Telnet client this done by selecting the “preferences” from the “terminal” pull down menu, and checking the local echo radio button.  For Windows 2000 telnet client, issue command “set local_echo”, from the telnet command prompt.

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Disable or enable windows firewall on cmd

Hello everyone, I’m going to share a few efficient commands for windows or server operating systems in this article. This article name is how to disable or enable windows firewall on cmd.

Windows firewall can be enabled/disabled from the command line using the command netsh.

Let’s see the syntax of netsh advfirewall to configure the firewall on these Windows versions.  Firewall settings are different for each of the 3 networks (Domain, private, public). So based on which network firewall you want to enable/disable, the command would vary.

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The most important codes used for Microsoft Exchange Importing

Hi guys, Last week I had a problem with Microsoft Exchange databases and one of my databases are corrupted. There had 60 users in the corrupted database and again there were 74 non-working users anymore in the same database. Even I’m not mentioned in the other databases users.

Thank god I had backup file because I was taking every night full backup. I hadn’t seen this problem before it. I could have recovered my database but I couldn’t be sure and I choose the hard way for this job. This progress continued for a week but I’m also done. Finally, I have overcome this problem successfully. I want to give thanks to Hakan Uzuner and Efe Sülükçü that they guys helped me.

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Remotely manage Hyper-V 2016 via Windows 10

Hi guys again, If you want a fast server and if are you going to use only hyper-v server role, you can use hyper-v core. By the way, after installed windows server 2016 core, you are going to need some information at the below.

I tested with my own experience and used it at one of my freelance projects. This information is short and easy. Good lucks while working your works.

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Error: Download failed on Wsus Server

Hi guys, I know I haven’t been publishing a new article in my blog for over a year. I don’t know why and wanted to write again. This article includes some tips. If you saw this error (Download failed on Wsus Server) on your wsus server, you can solve the problem easily.

I’ll give you some information at the below and you can also follow step by step that I gave you informations. I doubt the source of the problem but I have an idea. 

Before you see the error, if you used the server cleanup wizard tool, this tool might be removed old updates on your wsus server.

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